Minecraft Mod: Village with residents

Posted: Август 3, 2013 in Games

Minecraft Mod Village with residents

The village with residents for minecraft 1.8 — This mod adds you to the residents of the village of MineCraft with which you can conduct various transactions. You will be able to sell their products, they buy their goods and many different functions. So as you can to assist in the development of this village for that you get free stuff from the village. In this mode there are 7 villages that produce different things and they will certainly come in handy. We advise you to see a lot more different mods on our website.

New mod for version 1.0.0, which will give you more time for your business. Why? Because now there is such a fashion as MineColony, and he adds a few mobs that will help you do everything in your city or village. Here are a couple mobs Woodman — all the trees around it will be collected and expanded in the chest to play minecraft. Miner — Same as soon as it is mine to mine you diamonds, gold, iron, coal and put in the trunk. Just a little information, every working day of work, and at night to sleep. Just swing — Download server for minecraft 1.8.


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